A self-taught chef who created many of Fatty Weng’s signature dishes, Fatty Weng has contributed to the Cantonese cuisine landscape in Singapore – and you get to enjoy all that and more at our Fatty Weng Restaurant!

With an array of more than 200 items to choose from – from hearty soups to substantial main dishes, Fatty Weng is a great spot to share a myriad of flavors and dishes with your family and friends.

Don’t be taken in by our photos featured here – the presentation of the dishes may look contemporary, but our chefs take pride in preserving the old-style cooking and preparation methods of Cantonese cuisine, combined with using only the freshest and finest ingredients.


Famous Fatty Weng

Deep Fried “Soon Hock” with Special Sauce

You can’t go wrong with what keeps people coming back for more for the past 40 years. This fish dish earned Fatty Weng its reputation – many customers return to Fatty Weng just to savor the fried-to-perfection Soon Hock that is lightly lathered in a secret brown sauce fiercely guarded by its chefs. Our skillful chefs work with only the freshest Soon Hock to ensure that each mouthful is crisp on the outside yet succulent on the inside, just like steamed fish. Truly the best oh-so-good-melt-in-your-mouth dish ever.


Famous Fatty Weng

Honey Pork Ribs

These comfort pork ribs will hit a sweet spot with everyone. Choice pork ribs are first pan-fried, and then gently simmered to perfection in a special home-made broth till the meat is so tender, it is just waiting to fall off the bone. Fatty Weng’s Honey Pork Ribs are a great combination with the savory Peking Roasted Duck or the Famous Fatty Weng Deep Fried Soon Hock.


Famous Fatty Weng

chili crab

What is a trip to Fatty Weng’s without trying our Famous Chili Crab? Only specially-selected Sri-Lankan crabs are chosen for this dish: our chefs and customers love the Sri-Lankan crab for its firm fleshy texture. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your taste buds: we recommend our famous homemade, thick Chili Crab sauce oozing with spicy-sour flavors that both our locals and tourists love: this dish is worth getting your fingers dirty for! If thick and spicy isn’t your thing, our chefs can also have your crabs bathed in a hot black pepper sauce or enjoyed simply drizzled with salt and pepper or stir-fried with aromatic ginger and spring onion.


Famous Fatty Weng

peking roasted duck

Peking duck is a delicacy usually reserved for fine dining, our customers made requests to Fatty Weng to have this dish on the menu. Not one to turn his customers down, Fatty Weng included the Peking Roasted Duck on the menu, and it remains a draw till today.


Famous Fatty Weng

Special Pan Fried Vermicelli

Complete your meal with a wafer-thin vermicelli that is softened slightly to a springy texture by a drizzling of a lightly flavored seafood sauce made from a rich broth. The vermicelli is fried as a bowl so that it not only taste good but looks good too – comes served to you as a pretty bowl brimming with lightly-sautéed fresh seafood. This crunchy-savory dish is delightfully delicate and a great way to polish off your hearty meal at Fatty Weng’s.

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